Monday, 24 August 2009

in the poppies store

Finally we have counted, assembled and boxed all our new things....I'm especially in love with the butterfly notepads-ahh the springtime. I gave a pad to one of my nieces- she ran off to her bedroom and covered her pink wall in butterflies. she knows how to make my day, that and practicing ballet with her two sisters make for sweet moments. anyway, anyway everything is now available on our website and will be in stores over the next few weeks. yay for new things.

Monday, 10 August 2009

the latest poppies show

two pregnant poppies, a whole lot of lollies and new things = the melbourne trade show.
all our new things are up on the website but not available for purchase until mid august. we hope you enjoy their brightness! thought I'd share a few snaps of us setting up and how the stand turned out. Our yellow paper strings turned out a treat- If you'd like to make your own all you need is a pack of doilies, spray paint and ribbon. we cut ours in half (big mistake- as they we're tricky to attach to the ribbon) I think folding them in half and hanging them over the ribbon would work better! I imagine them looking rather lovely in a little girls room.
right, time for tea.