Thursday, 5 June 2008

happy world environment day

what a perfect day for the sun to come out.
everything is looking incredibly green.
i really feel the seasons in this old house on the hill,
living here, working here you have to take note of it all.
since the water we use comes from the three dams on the property you
see the colour of the water change when it rains and every drop becomes precious, like a gift.
the odd weather is shown in the leaves on the fruit trees, on the size and colour of the fruit.
we depend on this place, for my husbands income and all the fruit and vegetables we eat.
this house has blessed my life, and opened my eyes.

so, poppies uses 100% wind power to run this little business.
our products are printed on FSC approved paper and 100% recycled paper.
our envelopes are made from 100% recycled kraft paper.
the ink we use is vegetable based.
most of our product is printed to the green standards.
our packaging reflects our commitment to being sustainable.
recycled paper boxes abound.

where we lack is in our individual card and tag packaging.
if you know of any bio-degradable, recyclable sleeves,
please let me know. the product needs to be 100% transparent.

I know we can do more, change our mindsets even more.
live lightly.