Wednesday, 6 August 2008

in the grass

below are all the pictures from the show, including little abigail showing us her favorite bird house.
I can't take credit for the merchandising, that is all Rachel, super talented and most excellent of friends.
so thanks Ra Ra. We've played together since we were 8, digging up old fish ponds, baking or burning depending on the day, watching cutting edge and working out we could climb from her brothers room into the bathroom using the tree by the window.
It was very normal for us to be out in her parents shed last week hosing off dirty jars for our flowers.

close up

welcome to the poppies show

what fun we've had. months of preparation and the launch of our new range. and our little poppies garden worked out better than the design in my head, which is unreal banana peel. I'm feeling so uplifted this week, we met with so may beautiful store owners, stylists and designers. Drunk tea out of china cups which really annoyed the caterers who we're determined to have us use their paper ones. It was lovely to see our talented friends Amber and Karen of the stationery brand Me and Amberand wonderful Elise Caarels . Now we are home again, out of the city and back with the quieter places. Although it's not so still in this house, lots of orders to fill, yay.