Tuesday, 21 December 2010

merry merry merry

my desk has become rather impractical and wonderfully colourful. strips of bright paper, bakers twine, sticky tape, and the mess of a year coming to an end. i am full of thanks for this mess. I am thankful for you. thanks for writing notes to family and friends, for choosing to celebrate a birthday with a poppies gift- you have given sara and i work to do and we are ever grateful and continually surprised that this is the life we get to live- dreaming, drawing and making. we wish you joy and laughter and time spent in the sunshine this christmas. my hope is that the love shared will cause us all to dream bigger, live better and continually figure out what it is to be truly human. i'll be sitting with toes dipped in sisters pool reading the chronicles of narnia again, my yearly ritual. xx ( photo is little boy lucas and his well loved bunny- can you believe i get to see those cheeks and chubby fingers every day)

Friday, 10 December 2010

a year planned out

Sara and I have big ideas for our new studio- all incredibly organised and pretty, no more piles of paper and chaos.
we're grown ups after all (found my first grey hair last week- then sara pointed out a second the next day)
in the spirt of all things organised our wall planners will be on sale for one week starting today. hooray for neat