Thursday, 31 May 2007

call me simpson

sara received a beautiful card this week.
simply because a man saw one of our tea towels in a magazine,
and fell in love with it, cause it was a way he could bring the birds inside his home.
unfortunately we don't sell tea towels anymore, but do have a few lying around.
sara bundled two up for him, as a gift, and into the country they went.

He wrote,
'My dear Sara,
Thank you for your delightful gift and the sincerity that inspired it!
I assure you, the "little birdies" will have a place of honour in my home
and often remind me of the lovely ladies who created them...
may life continue to be an enriching experince for you and alana'

how he enriched our lives, with his blue pen and handwriting.

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

new designs

it's one of those days when i really really really should turn spell check on.
finally our new little booklet is finished, all ready to be printed and sent to stores.
its at that moment that your heart ends up in your mouth..
what will they think, have we lost the ability to draw. will no one order and i'll
have to get a 'real' job. ahh the creative mind.
i think that's why i'm posting some pics here before the big send out. like
a great nervous exhale. get yourself together lani.

Thursday, 3 May 2007


mr dudley and his dear friend dieselle waiting at the gate
while we hurry home with our tub of yarra valley icecream.