Monday, 11 April 2011

two posts in one day!

saw these pretty felt bags on pinterest. followed the link to the blog and finally found the etsy shop. but sadly she doesn't have any for sale right now. lucas' favorite game to play these days is to put his precious toy bunny into a bag or tin suitcase and carry him round for a few minutes, pull him out, kiss him and put him back in. i think he'd like a buttoning bag. Ours just would not do as he has no concept of 'fragile'. I do think ribbon, circle tag & a button would look oh so lovely on our kraft bags. Which reminds me (warned you i'd ramble), the oh so talented Glen of Prop D used our lolly bags at a recent event promoting his business. When his photos turned up in my inbox I gasped. Oh the beauty.

newish month resolution

Mondays will now be blog days, I've been so uncommitted in the past. which is silly, my favorite thing to do on a computer is look at blogs. i am a little fearful that i'm to boring for weekly blogging. so an apology- i will ramble, it may be all a little self indulgent and I can't spell.
(photo was sent to us by Anett. she filled our lolly bags with flowering tea of all things. what on earth is flowering tea and why have I not tried it? Hopefully I'll find out soon as she is starting a website:

Monday, 28 March 2011

lots of brown boxes

our new things have arrived. Kim & sara had a morning of heavy lifting while I held down the fort. I ate my way through a pack of gummy bears and generally kicked back! I will never grow tired of opening brown boxes and seeing our stationery inside, all lined up and colourful. ahhhhhh sugar high. so if you are in need of a little poppies stationery- jump on the website, or follow this link straight to the new things. and don't forget we are donating 30% of sales to the Japan Earthquake Appeal from now until the 15th of April. xx

Thursday, 17 March 2011


I had to share this picture of a few parcels I've just done up. I feel a little silly saying this- but our new things are so so pretty. I'm tempted to send them to myself. Total fluke that the new sticker designs match the new colourful string & tie envelopes. These will be available for purchase by the end of the month, along with all our other new things. We will be donating 30% of sales to the Japan Earthquake Appeal from now until the 15th of April. xx
(sorry for the photo quality- its a quick phone snap)