Monday, 15 March 2010

a little 2010 sale

our pretty little desk calendars and wall planners are now on sale on the poppies website. yay

Thursday, 4 March 2010


what a wild adventure i've just returned from. It started with long term parking at melbourne airport- a baby on the front, a bag on the back, a bag in the left and a stroller in the right. Turns out that my high school back pack etiquette memories have faded- i hit a business man in the head TWISE with it while he was helping us get on the bus!
Sydney was a delight- we stayed in paddington and watched sail boat on the water, ate icecream, ate pizza and ate the best friend rice in the world. It was an extra treat to have 5 days with kate (she is based in sydney). Unfortunately teething, an over stimulated 8 week old and a cold made things trickier than we hoped. thank goodness all the beautiful stores we are in are mainly owned by women- who understand this great task we have- the juggling of being mummy and worker of stationery. there was nothing but kindness as lucas projectile vomited at their feet, finley cried and they had to fill in their own order sheets.
sooooooo good to be home.