Tuesday, 16 September 2008

what a day

ow what a good day:
1. the wisteria is starting to pop all over the fence. we become the purple house in spring; three lilac trees and wisteria, and we all know wisteria does what she pleases, each year she's found a new place to grow.
2. mum came for a visit and gave me green tea with rose from T2, such a treat
and then
3. a little package arrived from Kikki K. oh how i love the post. I had emailed Kristina earlier in the week to say how much I was loving all the colour in her stores, especially the cute diary and now Sara and I have one each and a bright yellow pen. thanks kristina, I feel so special! this is a good week for yellow (and purple)

Monday, 15 September 2008

sneaking strawberries before the party begins

writing about being 27 reminded me of our dear friends birthday tea we had on the balcony the other week. the sun came out, we dipped strawberries in dark chocolate, sara made hummingbird cake and we drunk tea from nans delightful cups. it is so so good to celebrate.

Thursday, 11 September 2008

the orange ball

I am sitting here with a bright orange ball between me and the chair in an effort to sit up straight.
turns out you can't be serious when trying to keep a ball in its place.
well, I came on here to write about post trade show happenings, which is now all about getting everything christmas ready to post on the 1st of october, four days before I turn 27. (I still feel like the dorky high school kid. Every now and then I have an odd dream where I am told that the year I finished didn't count and that my whole year level has to repeat the last year of school. in the dream I fish out my old school uniform and pack my school bag.)
anyway, christmas. Our christmas things will be on our website by the 1st of october too, we are making wrapping paper this year so we will be offering a wrapping service. that sounded very shopping centerish. the wrapping service is me and sara, two pairs of scissors and some sticky tape.
In other news, we are not going ahead with our 2009 calendar. which is so sad, but the idea of not selling them all is worse, the waste would make me cry.
last of all, here is a picture of our notebooks blowing on the line.