Friday, 27 February 2009

another poppies show

since this show involved us getting on a plane (I have a massive fear of flying, not to mention pretty wooden tables don't fit) our stand design was a little less 'ta da' than I would have liked. hours of cutting out little paper butterflies to cover some of the white walls went down a treat. now we are working their prettiness into our next range.
we had such fun with the fine ladies of High Tea and of course Karen and Amber of Me and Amber, Elise Carrels, and the quirky, ever so lovely Nick of Two Ruffians
my most embarrassing moment: gushing over the buyers from Anthropologie, to the point I actually hugged the catalogue, dear me, when will I learn.

Thursday, 26 February 2009

remember me

I can't believe the last time i wrote was november. I'm sneaking in a post before it becomes march.
market day came and went, as did the sydney trade show. our hands have been busily working on new cards, stickers and sticky notes. these will be online soon. promise. here is a little pic of the welcome card.
a few people have asked if we have been affected by the terrible bush fires. i think we all have. we have seen so much to have hope in though, so much rich humanity. we continue to pray for rain.