Friday, 30 May 2008

the little tree that is poppies

Poppies for Grace is all about paper and its endless
possibilities- scribbling, giving, making fun and
jumping up and down. We think our stationery feels
like a perfect cup of tea would on a cold morning,
and hope that you might find life in our things.

Our collection includes gift cards and tags,
invitations, lolly bags, writing sets, book stickers and
a pinch of the fairytale all around.

Oh yeah, and this is where we work from. It makes it
very, very natural to create pictures. From our
window we can see crates of apples being driven up
the hill by alana’s husband johnny. perfect really.

late late always late

I'm trying to catch up on poppies happenings over the last few years, just a few main ones. so excuse my posts about events that happened years ago!

under capricorn 06

‘ It’s a trade event like no other in Australia; it features only newly released quality products, newly developed materials, technologies and services. It is the hub for many of the Festival’s business and social activities because it focuses on the people and the products. ‘Designers, business, industry, government, trade and media groups have all contributed to the vision that is Under Capricorn,’ Says national Design Centre Director, Kathy Demos, “ It is a vision that will further develop the credentials of the design sector and promote this region’s ever-expanding roll as the hub of design excellence”
Specially created commissions by emerging designers such as Pseudo Republik, Simon MacEwan and Poppies for Grace will decorate the space, and every element of the Under Capricorn environment will reflect a consideration for design and the comfort of its visitors.’- Kathy Demos. The National Design Centre.

red bull 06

‘Each year Red Bull Music Academy seeks out a city that cultivates the coming together of like-minded communities from around the world; a place where friends can draw from the vibrant environment of their surrounds, a place that acts as a ‘real’ inspiration, and a place that can assist in closing the gap between the aural and visual creative arts……... the shell of the three story warehouse has been transformed from a typical dumping ground into a giant web of studio suites, recording rooms, and interactive spaces showcasing a resounding diversity in the visual arts.’

It was our joy to design a space in one of the studio suites.
‘This will only take us a few hours’ says Alana
what Alana learned that day: Sara is always right.
It took three full days, opps.

Thursday, 29 May 2008

pretending to be cool

i thought i'd post a little something on the trade show we did last August...
which we are now preparing to do again in 9 short weeks.
this is the place where we felt exposed to say the least. we set up shop amongst talented, established australian brands and nearly peed our pants. i can still remember our first customer... oh dear, he wandered into our stand and sara and i looked at each other with that 'what do we do now' look. thank goodness by the end of the day we got the hang of selling!
the pics are of our stand, the little dolls house and sara and her dear little man charlie (he's only a month old in the photo)